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Builder / Skipper

Luke Kaczmarek

About Me

I could never stay in one place for too long. Always loved new challenges. Big changes in life never bothered me too much. Traveling to new places, seeing how people manage their lifes in other parts of the world kept rising my interests and curiosity even more.

After completing one big adventure in 2009/2010 which was driving 18 000 km (12 000 miles) through Africa in an old Land Rover, the time came to scale things up a little (a few pictures from that trip below).
Being around nature for many months, living simple camping lifestyle pushed me towards thinking about living on a boat. This could give similar freedom of traveling and exploration, with a bit more comforts of every day, modern accommodation.

I have always been a big fan of self sufficiency, liked being outside of the main stream, and loved DIY projects. My mind got set for another big adventure that I think will change my life once again. I get highly excited about it and will be writing about it in more details here soon :))

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